Go / Baduk / Weiqi

The game of Go is (once again) the hobby I spend most time with. I first learned playing in 2004 when I was a student and frequently visited the “Café Immergrün” in Jena, which also happened to be the home of the local Go-group. Playing fairly casually and visiting the odd tournament I made 5kyu in 2007. However – after leaving Jena I rarely played for about 10 years. Being back in my hometown I started attending the local Go-meetups again in summer of 2017. Since then I participated in two local tournaments (with not so great results).

I currently spent my daily commute solving Tsumego and replaying Pro-games on my tablet. I also study lots of game fundamentals to get rid of bad habits I acquired over the years. I usually attend the regular Go-meetups on Monday or Tuesday (or both) in the Café Immergrün.

According to the E.G.D. I am currently rated as 6kyu. I am hoping that I can improve this next year as I plan playing more tournaments.

I sometimes also play online on OGS. So if you fancy a game send me a message or game request there.