2nd Jenaer Spring-Tournament

And an other one. Last Sunday (March 11) we had a small 1-day tournament in my hometown of Jena. The tournament was organized by my local Go-group or well – mostly Lena. The location was the “Haus auf der Mauer” and just in time for a spring-tournament we had sunshine and something like 18°C.

The tournament consisted of 4 games with fairly fast time-settings (30mins + 25/5) and used full handicap – so perfect for beginners. We had 20 players and half of them were below 10kyu. Some came from as far as Mainz.

Untypically for me (because 2:3 wasn´t possible in a 4-game-match) I played 2:2 – which meant losing against Alex (4k, who won the tournament with 4 wins) by 1 point, winning against Malte (8k) and Ferdi (6k) and finally losing against Christoph (3k). That means the games I lost were actually the ones I got handicap in.

Overall the event was pretty relaxed and not too serious. My girlfriend also played a few games at the tournament – for the first time since over 10 years.

After the main event was over we moved on to other board games – a couple of rounds of “Magic Maze”, some “Codewords” and some beers with friends. All in all a good day!

This time I did not take any pictures – but Lena (or her camera did – operated by Katja and me).