A season of holidays and Go

Traditionally March is holidays season for me since my workplace has the rule of using up all holidays of the previous year until end of March or losing it. For me that means that between now and end of the month I only have 8 working days, lots of extended weekends and some longer breaks. Which is fortunate since this month also hosts a number of interesting Go-tournaments in Germany.

It starts off with the “Hamburg-Harburger Mausefalle” this coming weekend, which is also a “Deutschland-Pokal”-tournament (sort of German masters). This means I could potentially get points for this years masters – however it is the 3rd such tournament this year. I have played one so far and stand at a total of 0 points. So the chances of winning are nought.

The weekend after my local club hosts a small local “Spring tournament” in Jena.

And the 3rd weekend in March will be filled by an other “Deutschland-Pokal”-tournament in Erlangen.

So that is 3 tournaments weekends following each other – which is something I likely would not be able to do during a normal month. I will try and take some pictures and do some write-ups for each of the tournaments. Wish me luck!