And an other one. Last Sunday (March 11) we had a small 1-day tournament in my hometown of Jena. The tournament was organized by my local Go-group or well – mostly Lena. The location was the “Haus auf der Mauer” and just in time for a spring-tournament we had sunshine and something like 18°C.

The tournament consisted of 4 games with fairly fast time-settings (30mins + 25/5) and used full handicap – so perfect for beginners. We had 20 players and half of them were below 10kyu. Some came from as far as Mainz.

Untypically for me (because 2:3 wasn´t possible in a 4-game-match) I played 2:2 – which meant losing against Alex (4k, who won the tournament with 4 wins) by 1 point, winning against Malte (8k) and Ferdi (6k) and finally losing against Christoph (3k). That means the games I lost were actually the ones I got handicap in.

Overall the event was pretty relaxed and not too serious. My girlfriend also played a few games at the tournament – for the first time since over 10 years.

After the main event was over we moved on to other board games – a couple of rounds of “Magic Maze”, some “Codewords” and some beers with friends. All in all a good day!

This time I did not take any pictures – but Lena (or her camera did – operated by Katja and me).

Two weeks after the tournament I finally found the time and motivation to write up a quick summary. As you may know Harburg is a borough in the south of Hamburg. The “Mausefalle” (german word for “mouse trap” also used in Go for “snapback”) is a tournament that runs since 2002 and is organized by the people who also run the “Hebsacker Verlag” which is THE shop for Go-equipment in Germany.

Anyhow – the tournament was on the weekend of March, 3rd/4th. Since Hamburg is quite a drive from Jena we decided to leave on Friday already. There were 6 of us from Jena (and the famous Go-dog Jack), driving to Harburg in 2 cars. We were lucky to find room for our sleeping bags at the organizers place who did also welcome us with a warm soup (Germany was still cold that weekend!) and drinks until late at night. Thank you again Steffi and Tobias!


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Traditionally March is holidays season for me since my workplace has the rule of using up all holidays of the previous year until end of March or losing it. For me that means that between now and end of the month I only have 8 working days, lots of extended weekends and some longer breaks. Which is fortunate since this month also hosts a number of interesting Go-tournaments in Germany.

It starts off with the “Hamburg-Harburger Mausefalle” this coming weekend, which is also a “Deutschland-Pokal”-tournament (sort of German masters). This means I could potentially get points for this years masters – however it is the 3rd such tournament this year. I have played one so far and stand at a total of 0 points. So the chances of winning are nought.

The weekend after my local club hosts a small local “Spring tournament” in Jena.

And the 3rd weekend in March will be filled by an other “Deutschland-Pokal”-tournament in Erlangen.

So that is 3 tournaments weekends following each other – which is something I likely would not be able to do during a normal month. I will try and take some pictures and do some write-ups for each of the tournaments. Wish me luck!


…after having this website sit dormant for months and months I have revived it, updated it and changed the design. I also decided to focus on what I actually spend most of my time on – which is the boardgame Go (Baduk/Weiqi) and gaming in general. I might also bring up the odd private project (software, electronics or other Maker-stuff) – but since my work exclusively revolves around electronics projects I often miss the motivation to spend much of my free time on similar topics.